NexGen Crypto Coin (NGC) Smart Contract

Smart Contract: 0.25% daily compounded or 148% annually

NexGen Coins (NGC)
- Will launch on their own exchange and on Binance, Crypto.coin and other exchanges.
- Their aim is to have a totally free Merchant Account and API integration so that all merchants will receive 100% of their sales in their country currency or they can keep it or exchange it for Crypto.

NGC coins will increase in value owing to their own ecosystem use and utility offering of coin:
- Crypto Debit Card for Members (NGC Coin holders) - card fees provide income to fund coin smart contract
- Their own Exchange 
- Own Crypto Trading Platform
- They already have existing Merchant stores such as & offering free membership shopping income for health- and wealth-related products, since 2016.

NexGen Earnings: Passive & Active Income

Excellent passive income of 0.25% daily compounded (148% annually).
If you want to refer others you can and will earn 10 levels deep.

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