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USB Warmer laptop cup Heater for Milk Tea Coffee Mug Hot Drinks

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This is a USB insulation disc that does not have a heating function and can only be insulated.

USB insulation

The metal sheet temperature of this product is kept between 50-60 °C. Especially suitable for baby drinking milk and old people drinking tea! In addition, it can also be used for a variety of hot drinks such as heat preservation drugs and juices. In this case, you no longer have to fear that the drink will cool down.
The insulation plate is not only small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, but also beautiful in appearance. It’s a beautiful and practical gift:
1. Meet the multi-faceted needs of the modern home and office.
2. External computer USB port, no need for other power supply, meet the multi-faceted needs of modern home and office, with insulation function to ensure the temperature of the coffee and other beverages. The product is small, convenient and practical, which greatly satisfies the need for users to use hot drinks when using the computer in winter.
3. Appearance injection treatment, strong metal sense, modern fashion, in line with the aesthetic consciousness of modern people.

Product Specifications

  • ize: 10.5*9.3*2.3cm
  • Can be connected to a 5V transformer (need to be self-contained)
  • The main material is imported high-temperature-resistant ABS

Instructions for use:

Remove the product from the package, place it in a stable place, insert the USB head of the product into the USB jack of the computer, and place the cup on the metal piece of the product to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the product.


Keep the unit in a dry state. If the machine gets wet, disconnect the USB side cable and wipe it dry. Be sure to use and store the unit in a normal temperature environment. Occasionally wipe it with a warm cloth to keep the machine in a new state.

It can keep the temperature of coffee/tea/drink at 50-60°C, easy to install, no need to drive, hot-swap
Rated voltage: 2.5W-5V DC, single on/off conversion system, when the heater starts, there is a red LED light indication.

 ● USB interface power supply, no battery required.

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